Karen and Kat’s Journey To Forever

Karen and Kat chose Bobs Lake Cottages & Escapes as the venue for their intimate elopement journey

“We found a location with several cottages on one property – one cozy one called the “little house” for just the two of us and four more that slept about 30 people, which we rented out for the weekend. We had our best buds join us a couple of days in advance so we could all relax and set up the place without rushing. Despite being a planner myself, after the setup, I managed to let go of the reins entirely and just enjoy the weekend, thanks to my fantastic friend Karina, who took over the coordination of everything!

On Friday, our guests arrived, and we had a small ceremony near the water conducted by our good friend Carly. We included a smudging (Kat’s family is Indigenous), a reading by my friend Lauren and a ring-warming ceremony.”

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