YEAH!! Ice Fishing

I am SO excited to start our ice fishing season—Our staff and fishing guide have been working round the clock to get ready. Sebastian, our wonderful guide, has been combing the lake with his GPS to find the best spots for fishing.  He was joined two weeks ago by Lonny King, from Ontario Out Of Doors. We just had a delivery of our hot tubs, and they are being set up as we speak. What could be more beautiful than sitting outdoors, in a hot tub, in the middle of winter. Manna Catering is busy preparing menus for those of you who will take our meal packages.  We have just completed one 6-person ice hut, and Sebastian looked at it and gave us 5 stars and the go-ahead to make more. Our first snowmobile is due for delivery next week. We are just so excited and hope you will join us.

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