Making the Case for Winter Cottaging in Ontario

by Alexandra Donaldson, originally published in EditSeven

I love a summer cottage. There are few things better than swimming in a lake in the summer heat, spending the days hiking and relaxing (often with drink in hand) and the evenings sitting around a campfire (often with s’mores in hand). But even though I wouldn’t call myself a winter person (and definitely not a winter sports person), getting away to a cottage in the winter is definitely something I love almost as much. Maybe even more. Something that was confirmed for me when I went to a cottage just outside of Kingston (booked with cottage-rich website Glamping Hub) with my husband and three other couples over our winter break. It was relaxing and fun and simple and pretty good Instagram bait all in one. Not convinced? Here are 4 reasons why you should book a cottage getaway in the winter:

It’s Often Gorgeous

While summer sunsets and boating shots get lots of Instagram love when you post them, your winter wonderland will do just as well, trust me. Winter light across a frozen lake, softly falling snow, shots of you and your friends on a backdrop of pristine winter wonderland—honestly, it doesn’t get much prettier.

It’s The Coziest

If, like almost everyone I know, you love when the season changes to fall because it means you can embrace a much cozier vibe, then winter cottage-ing is going to be right up your alley. Think cozying up by fireplaces, a wardrobe of tights (extra points if they’re cashmere) and oversized sweaters and all of the comfort food.

You Feel Less Guilty About Being Lazy

Don’t get me wrong—I still read voraciously when I head to a cottage in the summer. But unless it’s raining outside I usually feel a little guilty that I’m not taking advantage of the summer sun and hiking or swimming or at the very least being social. But in the winter, it’s already cold outside. So if you want to curl up on the couch with a book or plan a movie or Netflix marathon, you can largely do so guilt-free.

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