The fun before the “I Do”: Five Bachelorette Party ideas that you can do at Bobs Lake Cottages & Escapes

There is only one important ingredient to a memorable bachelorette party: That the bridal party be present to celebrate with the bride before she walks down the aisle.

To have a bachelorette party that people will talk about for years to come, however, needs a little bit of thought and planning. Here are five no-fail ideas that the maiden (or matron) of honor can whip up. Even better, you can make Bobs Lake Cottages & Escapes your home base for this fun-filled moment!

1. The Total Rejuvenation

A low-key weekend of pure relaxation is the best alternative to one with a full regalia of activities. Besides, the wedding day itself is bound to be a rager, so why not give the bridal party a chance to decompress and get ready for the big day?

Bobs Lake Cottages & Escapes has hosted its annual women’s wellness weekend for two years in a row. This three-day retreat offers many of the same things that are present in a wellness-focused bachelorette party: Reiki sessions, massages, tarot card readings, sunrise hikes, and lazing at the outdoor hot tub for carefree hours full of bonding. Add these activities to your itinerary as well!

2. The “Let’s Take This Outside” Party

Besides the requisite fishing, boating, and water sports—you are staying after all in one of Canada’s most beautiful lakes—you can do competitive axe-throwing (an indigenous member of our staff will teach and supervise your group), yoga, wilderness hikes, or bird-watching.

For the brave ones, cold plunges have proven to be a hit. Get warmed up in one of our outdoor hot tubs and then when you’re ready, run to the lake and immerse yourself in the frigid waters for a couple of seconds. Come back to the tub, and repeat as many times as you like.

3. The “Sideways” Trip

South Frontenac may not be as well-known as California’s Sonoma and Napa Valley wine countries, but this doesn’t mean there’s a shortage of wineries in the area!

Hire a private shuttle so that everybody can take part in sampling merlots, pinots, and cabernets. Two excellent vineyards, Scheuermann and River House, are within a thirty-minute drive from our cottages, with several more an hour away.

When you come back to Bobs Lake Cottages & Escapes, you can work with Maleeha Ghani of The Spirit Guide to craft the wedding’s signature cocktail!

4. The Cooking Marathon

Photo by cottonbro studio

Nothing brings people together better than sharing a nice meal, and it’s even better when the food is prepared by everybody partaking in it.

Our catering partner, Dinner Thyme Personal Chef Service, is available for hire to give you and your bridesmaids cooking lessons on-site at Bobs Lake Cottages & Escapes. You can participate in the process of picking up the ingredients, cutting and slicing, cooking, and finally feasting.

Of course, you can also opt to just sit down and savor the gastronomic feast that the chef will concoct especially for you!

5. The Belt-It-Out Kind of Weekend

Photo by Mikhail Nilov

If you’ve always wanted to do karaoke but are intimidated by people you don’t know hearing your voice, then a private party in Canada’s wilderness lake—surrounded by people who won’t judge you—is the perfect place to…sing with us now…let it go, let it go. Can’t hold it back anymore….

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